Mats Williams

Bio: I am a consultant who works hands-on with the regional development of the industry, nationally and internationally. A practitioner with good theoretical background mainly from my collaboration with the Center for Strategy and Competitivenes at the Stockholm School of Economics with Professor Örjan Sölvell, Göran Lindqvist and Christian Ketels. The collaboration has resulted in several missions around Europe incl. presentations of the European Commission among others for the smart specialization strategy and some publications. In Sweden I have worked for Region Värmland and Region North Central Sweden with a coordination project SLIM including the annual cluster conference. Other places I had assignments to include New Zealand, Australia, Norway, Danmanrk, Estonia and Portugal. The last three years I have set up Karlstad Innovation Park at the Campus area close to the University of Karlstad. Check up http://www.paperprovince.com and http://www.karlstadinnovationpark.se

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